First Name :   Renee
Comment :   Hey, finally got around to checking out your site. AWESOME!! Makes us think twice about Costa Rica...Stop in and say hi next time your at Patio Pools :)
First Name :   Jeff
Comment :   Thanks for the THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER geocoin.
First Name :   daniel
Comment :   hey dad we need some more pics from the last trip and your new house love u daniel
First Name :   Eric
Comment :   Hey there, I keep checking for the next installment in your home chronicals. Hope all is good, When will you be back? We will be there for 3-4 weeks starting late June
First Name :   Daniel
Comment :   Great site, Keith! Finally got my luggage so I could write and see how you are. Plan on returning to dive next year, and would love to dive with you and Dion again. Was the best dive trip ever, at least for me, and hope to hook up with you pirates again.
First Name :   g-spot;)
Comment :   hi keith, great page and i really do love the picīs you put on display. hope to dive with you guys someday again;) love from germany the G-SPOT
First Name :   Alfred
Comment :   Very nice website, loved the pictures and the Idea(Dream) of building a Home there. My wife and I went there years ago when my son was one, and we fell in love with the Island. we are going back this year for my wife niece wedding and I cant wait to get t
First Name :   Tinkan (Keith)
Comment :   Thank you all for your comments. I hope all had a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Years. Let us hope that 2007 is an AWESOME year.
First Name :   nancy
Comment :   where is the house in sandy bay i live next to lawsons rock house looks great nancy
First Name :   Ernie
Comment :   I enjoyed your site. My wife and I are also building on the island. I think I should put a site up similar to yours. Hope things go well
First Name :   George
Comment :   Keith I have a new email address Charlene and I were at COCOVIEW 11-25-03 to 12-02-06 would not rec. the south side of the Island no fish nada. Could dive your butt off. Char got in 22 dives I did 19 sick one day adios.
First Name :   Dylan Fields
Comment :   Hey Kieth I like the web page its very cool. I like all the pictures of the fish and the houses. I wish I could go there and swim with the dolphins!!!!!!!! Peace Dylan Fields
First Name :   Lisa
Comment :   Where are the pics of us at the bar Keith? Hope you had a good trip, house looks almost ready for Dwight, Lisa, Bob & Marilyn to come for a visit. Ha Ha
First Name :   Torrence Nelson
Comment :   well the site is looking mity fine and i cant wait to come home and see every one.. love ya..
First Name :   Karen
Comment :   ...ok, so where are the new ones?
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