Name :   Airborne
City / State :   
Precious Pets Name/s :   
Breed :   
Comment :   You have a very Cool web site.. And BB is as cute as everr.. GOB Airborne
Date :   
Name :   Heidi McCarthy
City / State :   Ormond Beach/FL
Precious Pets Name/s :   Angel & Willy
Breed :   Great Pyr/ Newfie mix
Comment :   Angel & Willy had a great time getting all cleaned up!! Marsha and Rock do a GREAT job and the dogs love them! I have had many groomers for my dogs, Marsha is the best yet!! Even spending HOURS on a matted Pyr!!
Date :   November 17, 2006
Name :   Harriett Levie
City / State :   Ormond Beach, Fl.
Precious Pets Name/s :   Toby
Breed :   Shelty
Comment :   Hi Marsha, this is Harriett Levie. I have to tell you my dog never looked so beautiful! I have to find out what you did to her chest. I just love looking at her! Thanks again! You are a sweetie!
Date :   Nov. 4, 2006
First Name :   Judy Wall
City :   Hawkinsville, Ga.
Precious Pets Name/s :   Groomer
Comment : your whole site....any new equipment, tools, etc at show? Do you love the aromatherapy shampoos? I am so happy for you. judy
Date :   10 31 06
First Name :   Bruce Henderson
City :   Ormond Beach
Precious Pets Name/s :   Buddy & Scruffy
Comment :   My wife and I wanted to thank you so much for doing Buddy. I know how much trouble he was for you, but he looks like a different dog now. I also think getting all those mats out and the feet done will help calm him down. Great job on Scruffy, too! Let u
Date :   10/26/06
First Name :   Cathy
City :   Ormond Beach
Precious Pets Name/s :   Grady
Comment :   I really enjoyed your website! That is a great picture of Grady in the tub , spotted tongue and all ! He really looks good Marsha. Thanks for doing such a great job! See you soon , Cathy
Date :   11 / 03/ 06
First Name :   Sandra
City :   Ormond Beach
Precious Pets Name/s :   dusty and toby
Comment :   Great, fantastic, competent, caring and loving people ..cant say enough on what a wonderful job preciouse pets did with my two boys...I love them ..try them ..its worth every penny
Date :   9/30/06
First Name :   RT Waters
City :   Ormond Beach, Fl.
Precious Pets Name/s :   Rusty
Comment :   My hat is off to Precious Pets! My Poodle Rusty has never looked this good! Thank You Precious Pets!
Date :   9.30.2006
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