Your Name :   Officer boom boom
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Comments :   Where the hell are you?
Your Name :   Trish
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Comments :   So nice to finally meet you today! I love the site! Looking forward to future visits at the new place. Again, welcome! Best! Trish
Your Name :   Chris Pizzolorusso
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Comments :   Hey Rob Bob, My early memories of 148th Drive include Bennett always running around with a camera. I also remember Till, with that Polaroid camera she loved to use as well. And Rob Bob himself always taking pictures with the Canon EF. A remarkable camera
Your Name :   owen
URL / E-mail :   gurenchan (yes) at (yes) gmail (dot) com
Comments :   please contact me, i would like to talk privately gurenchan (yes) at (yes) gmail (dot) com
Your Name :   Perry Egan
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Comments :   Great pictures,it would be gr8 to hear from u. when u get chance give me a call my#516 852-5480 thank-u
Your Name :   Joseph Crifasi
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Comments :   I like your website. I am working on my personal geneology now. Any leads would be appreciated.
Your Name :   jason crouse
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Comments :   hey fucker call me where the hell have you been its been years and i havent heard from you what you make a site and never look at the dam thing to see who has signed your guest book its jason where the hell are you at old man i got a house and a wife and
Your Name :   John McLean
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Comments :   Very nice site I will be passing this one on! Now thats funny I dont care who your are. Thanks for all the wonderful help I wish I could get you for all tech support. Keep up the great work on the site and tech support. Hope to chat with you again some
Your Name :   JIMMYBOY
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Comments :   I love the way brother iz does rainbow song !!
Your Name :   jimmyboy
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Comments :   great pics but no music !!
Your Name :   ALAN
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Comments :   I stumbled on this website. You look just like a guy that drove me on a couple of dates before I had a license. Does Rosedale NY mean anything to you?
Your Name :   martha
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Comments :   Hi, I am looking for a Catherine Crifasi that went to Tallulah Falls School Tallulah Falls, Georgia in 1959, 6th grade. If you know her or someone that may you can email me at the address you recieve. My name is Martha Whitlock. Whitlock is the key last n
Your Name :   Anton Morel
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Comments :   Glad I was able to see Press for truth and the JFK speech. It does make us wonder..... Great site and my best regards for Maria & Frank.
Your Name :   mary crifasi
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Comments :   My brother John sent me this i,m from Brooklyn daughter of JOHN &MARY CRIFASI I have an older sister Diane which is Johns first child with his first wife who passed when Diane was born
Your Name :   John Crifasi
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Comments :   man yo are out there.
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